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Dr Jonathan standing in a line with his family. Dr Jonathan is at the back, follow by his partner, and their children at front.

Welcome to Gateway to Wellness!

Our Chiropractic Clinic is called Gateway to Wellness, because our focus is on helping people to get well and then stay well, naturally. We treat the people in our local communities of Cedar Park, Leander, and North Austin.

We take a holistic approach toward wellness, which means that we examine your whole body to truly understand what’s troubling you and fix the problem where it began.

Alongside detecting underlying problems which may inhibit the body’s natural ability to heal itself, we provide inspiration, knowledge, and support for people to achieve better health through better living.

We take our time working together with you to identify your goals and driving motivation and focus our efforts on helping you to achieve them. When our clients cross the door into our office, they are treated like family. Come to us for a truly personalized experience that will help you get back to what you love.

2-way Texting

2-Way Texting

5 Star Rating

5 Star Rating

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150k+ Adjustments

Our Team

Get to know our Chiropractor

Dr. Jonathan Guymon

Dr. Jonathan Guymon is an experienced and friendly chiropractor who is focused on helping people to reduce their risk of lifestyle-related preventable chronic conditions, including chronic pain. He prides himself on his ability to apply his extensive knowledge about healthy living to educate people about how they can optimize their health and wellbeing.

Dr. Jon graduated from Parker University in 2006, with a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. He treats a wide range of conditions, from neck and back pain to digestive issues. He is focused on accurately providing you with the proper care recommendations to reach your personal health goals. Recommendations may include primary care, referrals to other wellness specialists (when necessary), and recommendations for wellness essentials that offer affordable and convenient solutions that work.

Through his years of practice, Dr. Jon has remained passionate about helping his community. He conducts a variety of Discover Wellness Presentations for local employers interested in reducing health care costs as well as for civic groups and places of worship interested in fundraising events.

Portrait of Dr. Jonathan Guymon smiling at the camera.