Piezowave Therapy
in Cedar Park, Texas

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How Does PiezoWave Therapy Work?

If you have chronic pain and think nothing can help, think again.

PiezoWave is an innovative new treatment that utilizes shockwave therapy to reduce pain and break down scar tissue within the muscles.

The PiezoWave machine looks similar to an ultrasound wand. The wand will generate highly compressed sound waves, which penetrate through your body to reach an inflamed, scarred or damaged area and produce short bursts of energy.

It is a non-invasive treatment which works like a targeted, efficient massage – reaching right where it is needed to provide instant relief.

PiezoWave machine

What happens when I come in for PiezoWave Therapy?

When you book a PiezoWave appointment, we’ll work with you to identify your motivation for coming in.

Do you want to play ball with your children again? Get back to work? Drive off on your road trip without feeling pain?

PiezoWave can help.

Once we’ve discovered your motivations, we will figure out your most painful areas and then use the PiezoWave to ‘see’ the scar tissue and break it down using sound waves. It sends out 1000 to 2000 pulses per session, and the treatment only takes 10 quick minutes. This rapid burst of pulses causes a healthy metabolic response in your body, but you will barely be able to feel it at all. This is a revolutionary treatment because these sound waves can reach deep into tissues that can’t be reached by conventional massage.

The energy generated by the sound waves causes a mild inflammatory response, naturally reducing pain and shifting your body into a healing state. It can also increase circulation, helping tough old knots and painful points to be banished forever.

You can purchase the PiezoWave in a package of just 6-10 sessions, and come out feeling like a whole new you by the end of it.

Benefits of PiezoWave Therapy

It’s non-invasive, and you won’t need any numbing, anaesthetic or surgery.

It’s non-invasive, and you won’t need any numbing, anaesthetic or surgery

immediate pain relief

Experience immediate relief from pain as sound waves reach deep into painful areas


Improve your range of motion

Reduce scar tissue

Reduce scar tissue


Support your body to heal naturally

Reduce tension in muscles

Improve circulation

Improve circulation

PiezoWave machine being used

What kind of conditions does PiezoWave Therapy treat?

Due to its non-invasive and highly effective nature, PiezoWave therapy is suitable for just about everyone. Dr. Jon Guymon will assess you to make sure that the treatment is right for you before you begin. With a 5-star rating and 150k+ successful adjustments, we know what we’re doing.

Some common conditions we treat with PiezoWave therapy are: