Back pain and pregnancy – how can a chiropractor help?

A lot changes in your body when you become pregnant. You are growing a brand new human and your body adjusts to accommodate your new little person. 

During pregnancy, as with all times of change, you might experience some discomfort as your body adjusts. With these changes you’ll likely experience pregnancy back pain and pregnancy pelvic pain.\

By visiting a chiro during pregnancy, you can get the support you need for healthy alignment of your back and pelvis as your baby grows. 

At Gateway to Wellness, our pregnancy chiropractor will provide you with guidance, support and most importantly, relief from the pregnancy back pain or pregnancy pelvic pain you may be experiencing, to ensure that you can focus on becoming a new mom. 

Our pregnancy chiropractor will do this through a variety of chiropractic treatment options; spinal manipulation, therapeutic massage and pelvis alignment are just a few. 

There are many reasons to visit a chiropractor during pregnancy – and we go into detail on how we can help below, but first, we thought we might answer one of the most common prenatal chiropractic questions we get asked by new moms at Gateway to Wellness: 


How common is back pain in pregnancy?

If you are having a baby, it is very likely that you will experience pregnancy back pain at some time during your nine months. 

Statistics show that 50 to 80 percent of pregnant women experience pregnancy back pain. 

So, while pregnancy back pain, and pregnancy pelvis pain, are both almost unavoidable, accessing chiropractic care during your pregnancy will help. 

While reducing your back pain is one of the main reasons to see a pregnancy chiro, there are others. We’ve collated a list of how our prenatal chiropractic and postnatal chiropractic treatments will help you through some of the most important nine months of your life. 


The best reasons to visit a pregnancy chiropractor

Preserve your posture

As your belly grows your center of gravity changes, and your back will need to adjust. And of course, you’re carrying some extra weight. 

These two factors combined, are likely to change your posture and this change, if not addressed by a pregnancy chiropractor, may lead to back pain. 

A prenatal chiropractic visit will ensure that your posture is as good as it can be before you conceive – setting you and your back up for a healthy and pain-free pregnancy. 

Our chiropractic treatments will help your spine stay strong as it shifts around your new baby, and ensure you can continue to exercise and move the way you enjoy through your pregnancy. 

Postnatal chiropractic visits will help you get back to doing the things you loved before pregnancy and birth – perhaps certain types of exercise. 

Align your pelvis 

Your pelvis sits at the base of your spine and the two are integral, connected, and hardworking parts of your skeletal system. 

To allow for birth, hormones are released during pregnancy that soften the pelvic area. This softening is essential to make space for your little one but also changes the support your pelvis usually provides your spine. 

As your pregnancy progresses, maintaining pelvis alignment and balance is key to both avoiding pain, and ensuring your baby arrives safely. 

Statistics show that you’re four times more likely to experience pregnancy pelvis pain than pregnancy back pain. As the two are so connected, experiencing pain in your pelvis has been known to then lead to pregnancy back pain. 

A visit to a pregnancy chiropractor, here at Gateway to Wellness, will gently help to realign your pelvis, ensuring you avoid both pregnancy pelvis pain and pregnancy back pain. 

Receive advice and support 

At Gateway to Wellness, we’ll not only offer you relief from pain through our chiropractic treatment, but through our holistic, considered approach we will also provide you with as much advice as you’d like to ensure you’re comfortable during your pregnancy. 

We’ll take the time to understand your goals and provide advice that aligns with them. We’ll suggest how often you could visit a chiro during pregnancy; perhaps if you should consider a pregnancy pillow and if so the best options; and what other exercise and wellness options might work for you and your growing baby. 

Relax and rejuvenate 

Pregnancy is a time of joy but can also bring with it feelings of uncertainty and stress. You can usually put all these feelings – the good and the bad – down to pregnancy hormones, and the very real physical changes that are happening to your body, some of which may be causing you pregnancy back pain and pregnancy pelvic pain. 

No matter where it is coming from, pain often leads to stress. 

Our chiropractic treatments, like soft tissue manipulation therapies, are designed to reduce muscle tension and ease your pain, leaving you feeling more relaxed and comfortable in your pregnant body. 

Although you are very likely to experience pregnancy back pain and pregnancy pelvis pain, there is a solution – accessing chiropractic care has been shown to reduce the pain women experience during pregnancy. And, as well as helping to reduce your discomfort, when you visit a pregnancy chiropractor at Gateway to Wellness we’ll treat you like part of our family as you plan to grow your own. 

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