Staying Healthy During Holiday Season Travel

Holiday Travel Health Maintenance

The holiday season is almost here, yet keeping our health and wellbeing intact can be difficult at this time. Setting our health first becomes essential when we travel to see loved ones or just spend time with ourselves. These four pointers will help you travel for the holidays while keeping healthy.

Pack Nutrient-Dense Foods

Relying on fast food and junk food is easy when you’re on the run. Pack wholesome munchies like granola bars, fresh fruits, and almonds to prevent this. You’ll be full and energised the entire way.


Travelling can often lead to dehydration. Take care to sip on lots of water before, during, and after your trip. When at all feasible, replenish your reusable water bottle.

Make priority. Sleep and Leisure

Sleep disturbances from travel can cause exhaustion and weakened immunity. Even while you are travelling, try to stick to a regular sleep routine. Jet lag will be reduced and the internal clock of your body will be more regulated.

Keep Moving

Extended sitting while travel can be bad for our health. During your travels, take little breaks to walk about and stretch. Simple stretches for the legs, shoulder shrugs, and neck rolls can aid with circulation and stiffness prevention.

If you’re heading out this summer on travels, remember to book in with Dr. Jon for a pre-travel check up!