Do I need postnatal chiropractic care?

As a new mom, you’ll find yourself blissfully (and perhaps messily) in a newborn bubble; the normal whirlwind of diapers, snuggles and emotions that come with new motherhood. While it’s hard to imagine thinking about anything but your new baby, we’d like to gently remind you to take some time to make sure you’re looking after yourself too. 

There are plenty of benefits of seeing a chiro during pregnancy – we’re often talking about how a pregnancy chiropractor can help with back pain, and perhaps a chiropractor has helped with your pregnancy journey so far. But what about for when you’ve given birth?

Postnatal chiropractic care is available to you from very soon after your delivery. At Gateway to Wellness we offer postnatal chiropractic treatment to address the postpartum specific things – like any pain, ongoing hormones, returning to movement – that you may be experiencing since your little one arrived

Prenatal chiropractic care is essential but so is postnatal chiropractic treatment. Along with pregnancy back pain and pregnancy pelvic pain, here are five of the most common postnatal concerns we see and how we, as pregnancy chiropractors, can help you with them at Gateway to Wellness. 


Relief from pregnancy back pain and neck pain 

Giving birth puts huge pressures on your entire body – prenatal chiropractic care can help you feel prepared, but we also can’t underestimate the amount of time it may take to feel relief from pregnancy back pain postpartum.

In fact, you may find you experience postnatal back and neck pain. Pregnancy back pain is caused by the hard work your body does to grow and give birth to a baby. 

After you give birth, there are lots of things that may be causing postnatal backpain, for example:

  • You are breastfeeding or bottle feeding in the same position for many hours
  • You are a new mom so you are understandably carrying around your newborn for long periods
  • Your muscles and posture may be readjusting after pregnancy (more on that later!)
  • You are repeatedly leaning over your new baby’s crib.

While all of these are completely unavoidable, you can avoid the aches they may cause – our chiropractic treatment will help alleviate your back and neck pain so you can continue to be the best mom possible. 


Chiropractic care gently readjusts your body after pregnancy hormones 

During pregnancy your body releases a hormone called Relaxin. Aptly named, this hormone helps your muscles and joints relax to allow for the baby to easily move through the birth canal. 

Some studies show that your body may continue to release the hormone for up to twelve months after you’ve given birth – even longer if you breastfeed. 

All of that combined with the huge experience of birth – whatever your birth story is – means that it is essential that you are gentle with your body as it returns to movement. As pregnancy chiropractors, we help you ensure your bones, muscles, and joints are all functioning correctly so you can feel comfortable and confident in returning to movement.


Postnatal chiropractic cares for weak or sore muscles 

It’s likely that your exercise routine changed over the nine months you were carrying your baby. And as a result you may find that your muscles are weaker than they were nine months ago, and perhaps sore. 

Our postnatal chiropractic care may include soft tissue manipulation therapies which will absolutely release muscle pain – and without pain, you can start to use your muscles again to strengthen any areas that may feel weaker. 


A pregnancy chiropractor will support Sciatica symptoms

Sciatica is pain that occurs when pressure is put on the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve runs along the length of the spine, from our tail bone to the nape of our necks. There are lots of things that can cause a sciatica flare up – and pregnancy is a key culprit. 

As chiropractors, we offer a holistic approach to alleviating your pain and prenatal chiropractic care can help with Sciatica symptoms. Our postnatal chiropractic care will gently adjust your spine to reduce the pressure on the sciatic nerve and decrease your pain. 


Chiropractic treatment is rehabilitation for your pelvis 

During pregnancy, your pelvis shifts to allow for your baby to grow, and (sometimes) enter the world that way, often causing pregnancy pelvic pain. 

Postpartum you may notice that the effects of the Relaxin hormone on your muscles and bones has changed the alignment of your pelvis, which in turn may lead to poor posture that could cause discomfort. 

We use a range of tools to ensure that your body is aligned – if you visit us, we will gently help your pelvis and spine realign so you can feel comfortable in your postpartum body. 

Growing a baby is amazing, not to mention birthing one! However, the first few weeks and months of motherhood can also be challenging, both physically and emotionally. Visiting a chiro during pregnancy and postpartum can provide you with both physical support to regain confidence in your body and the holistic wellness experience you deserve. 

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