Chiropractic benefits for everyone: from pain relief to overall wellbeing

As the saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but there’s also good reason that we take our cars in for a service regularly – to make sure everything is running smoothly and ideally, find problems and solve them early. 

We’d do well to treat our bodies the same way but often, our health and wellbeing take a backseat. In our twenties and thirties, our lives are busy and fun; taken over by careers and families and before you know it, something in our body is squeaking and we need to get it greased. 

You can get chiro treatment at any age; it’s not just for headache treatment or for older folk, or those with a sore back. There are many chiropractic benefits, like say, better posture, but accessing chiro treatment as a preventative form of healthcare at any age is also one of the best ways that we can look after ourselves. 

At Gateway to Wellness, we provide chiropractic treatment that goes beyond simple symptom relief. If you’re currently experiencing minor aches that might benefit from early chiro treatment, or if you’ve been considering taking some timeout to prioritize your wellbeing, let this list of chiropractic benefits serve as inspiration to book an appointment to see us today. No matter your age, affliction or stage of life – we’ll help you live life to the full. 


Chiro treatment will reduce your current pain  

No matter how minor you feel your pain is, we will identify the root cause before it can grow into something bigger.

Are you one of the many Americans who are experiencing back pain? Or perhaps you suffer from regular headaches or migraines? 

Through a series of assessments and tests, our holistic approach will help with headache treatment, alleviate your pain and help you on your way to achieving your wellness goals. 

As back chiropractors, we’re experts in treating back injuries and pain. We use our in depth knowledge of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems to understand what is causing the condition – perhaps it’s a specific ailment such as arthritis or a sprain. We’ll get to the bottom of the issue and help you to return to doing the things you love, pain free. 

We also offer headache treatment for the full gamut of headache types at Gateway to Wellness. Reoccurring headaches are often a result of built up tension in the body. To best reduce muscle tension, we offer chiropractic care in the form of soft tissue manipulation therapies, that will also improve spinal function. 


Avoid future pain – visit a chiropractor now

We understand that life is busy – if you’re looking after loved ones, or running a business or a home there’s often no time to consider what your own health needs are, let alone take steps towards accessing preventative healthcare.

Consider a visit to a chiropractor for your future self. Chiropractors help to ensure that your nervous and musculoskeletal systems are functioning properly. This preemptively alleviates pain and disfunction – so by looking after yourself, you can continue to live well, and look after those around you. 

Old injuries often continue to cause pain, especially if they are ignored – preemptively visiting a chiropractor will ensure that you avoid pain creeping back after an old back injury or similar pre-existing condition. 


Chiropractic care is a more natural approach to pain relief 

We want you to feel better in your body, and we help you achieve this through a holistic and natural approach to pain relief. 

At Gateway to Wellness, our treatment approach looks at you as a whole-person, rather than simply alleviating pain. If you are seeking headache treatment or pain relief, we’ll take the time to understand your lifestyle and the factors – perhaps an old injury – that might be exacerbating the pain. 

You are welcome to access whatever form of pain relief works best for you – you do not have to suffer. But as chiropractors, we use manual manipulation – our hands and a range of tools – to ensure your body is in alignment, and pain free.


Chiropractic treatment will improve your posture 

Carrying a baby, or groceries, or wearing high heels can damage our posture. Sitting at a desk for hours at a time with bad posture will ultimately lead to back injuries – so getting ahead of back pain and back injuries, and visiting a chiro to improve your posture is an important step towards your long term wellbeing. 

While chiropractors are experts in the whole skeletal system, back chiropractors focus on spine health – at Gateway to Wellness we are well positioned to ensure that your spine is healthy and your posture is perfect!


Visit a chiropractor to improve your overall wellbeing 

When life is busy, putting yourself first is difficult but ultimately, it will benefit the lives of those around you as much as it will your own. Our chiropractic treatment takes a holistic approach and offers you the opportunity to look after yourself now and into the future. 

Regardless of your age or life stage, by taking our time to get to know you, we’ll provide you with both chiropractic care as well as the tools you need to live well; through knowledge, empowerment and support. Come and see us at Gateway to Wellness – no matter if you are in pain, have an old injury or are simply ready to give yourself the space to thrive.